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Improve Agile Performance with Earned Schedule 

Analyzer for Agile

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What is Agile+Earned Schedule?

Agile is a popular iterative, incremental delivery approach. It has short-cycle stakeholder feedback loops. And, currently it offers some forms of project control. That's where it benefits from Earned Schedule.

Are you familiar with EVM--Earned Value Management? Earned Schedule is part of EVM, added by Walt Lipke in 2003.  Today, there is a robust set of ES Metrics. They measure past schedule performance and estimate future schedule impacts. And, that helps you better control the project.

Where does ProjectFlightDeck fit?

ProjectFlightDeck's Agile products take data from your schedule, perform calculations, and report ES metrics.



Project Manager

Past performance and future impact quickly understood and communicated



Project Scheduler

Details: Schedule early or late? By how much?  Finish Date feasible?



PMO/Project Controller

Quantitative metrics consistent across roles, projects, and portfolios



Our Agile products feature an unparalleled range of ES metrics. They offer visualizations to speed analysis and numerical details to power deep dives. Finally, input settings steer the processing. 



ES Metrics

The broadest range of metrics available today




Graphs, tables, numeric details




User Driven

User inputs drive the Analyzer 



How is done? Our Agile products take just three steps: extract the data, run the analysis, use the results.




Extract data from your scheduling tool and put it in a file



Run the Analysis

Start it up. Pick the data file. Enter driver settings. Run.






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Use the Results

Review the output and interpret the results with our Practice Guides