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Schedule Performance Analyzer

Why am I getting an error message that says "Macros are disabled..."?
The security setting on macros is too high. To change the security level, go into your MS Project schedule and select Tools, Macro, Security.  Check mark a lower level of security.  If you need to maintain a high security level, you will need to restore it after running the macro.  Note that, with a high setting, you will have to make the change before each macro execution.

When I open the Macro, Macros window and select the Analyzer, the Run button is grayed out.  Why can't I run the macro?
Again, the security setting on macros is too high.  See the answer to the previous question.

Why do I get a run-time error when I attempt to execute the macro?
This problem generally occurs because an Excel library is missing. To correct the problem, go into your MS Project schedule and select Tools, Macro, Visual Basic Editor.  In the Visual Basic Editor, select Tools, References.  Scroll down. The first entries are already check marked.  Subsequent, unchecked entries are in alphabetical order.  Find an entry for Microsoft Excel xx.0 Object Library, where "xx" is "10" or "11" or higher.  Check mark the highest number. Say OK. Exit the Visual Basic Editor.

How long does it take the Analyzer to run?
If the schedule is large and the time period selected is small (e.g., weeks or days), the standard version takes about 10 seconds per 100 tasks.  The newly released "Turbo" version takes about 1 second per 100 tasks.  The "Turbo" upgrade is available to owners of the standard version at no cost within one year of purchase.

Why does MS Project no longer automatically update my schedule?
Other symptoms of the problem are that dependencies appear to have stopped working or date changes no longer occur automatically.  If this happens after you have attempted to run the macro, the likely cause is an abnormal interruption of the plug in while processing.  Such a termination prevents the program from completing.  It is likely that the automatic update parameter on the schedule must be manually reset.  To do so, open the target schedule, go to Tools, Options, Calculation.  Set the radio button on calculation to Automatic.  The schedule will now be adjusted dynamically when you make changes.

How do I install the macro in my MS Project schedule?

It is not necessary to install the plug in.  When you are ready to analyze the schedule, simply open the .mpp file provided, go back into your schedule, and run the SchPerfAna macro.  Detailed, step-by-step instructions are included in the .mpp file and in the Documentation section of the Web Site.