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Earned Schedule Metrics...the Works

The Schedule Performance AnalyzerŠ offers the widest range of ES metrics and features available today.

Why "the Works"? Different projects require different metrics. Different needs demand different views. Only a full range of metrics and features meets the needs.

tn_Features_Numbers.jpg Numbers for deep dive analysis
tn_Features_Visuals_Rework_Chart.jpg  Visuals for effective communication
tn_Features_User_Control.jpg Settings to steer processing
tn_Features_Data_Quality.jpg Edits to check and correct data
tn_Features_Independence.jpg Independence from other tools



Need more than the "big picture"? ProjectFlightDeck gives you the details: Is the project late? How late? Is recovery necessary? How much time will it take and at what efficiency? Is execution not aligned with the plan? What is the impact and where is it deviating?

ProjectFlightDeck has all of the numbers for you.




Charts are easily understood, readily explained, and literally eye-catching. They are perfect for quick reads on schedule performance and for briefings inside and outside the project team. 



User Control

Control the processing with input parameters, status date, reserve allowances, and others.



Data Quality

Automatically check data quality against the API. Correct errors so that processing continues. Report all data exceptions.




Regardless of scheduling/EVM tool, Earned Schedule metrics are now available. Pick the input file. The data flows into the Analyzer. Numbers and visuals present the results.



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