The newest release of the Schedule Performance Analyzer© has added features:

  • improved the user experience with a new interface
  • added many ES metrics--some of which were published as recently as 2020
  • improved accuracy of ES calculations
  • enhanced data error detection with automatic error correction that enables processing to continue.

Below, you will find more information on the new features followed by information on familiar Analyzer capabilities.

What's New

User Interface

Gone is the cumbersome old approach for identifying the file to be analyzed. Now, there is a File Picker that enables you to find and select the file to be analyzed.



Earned Schedule Metrics

The Analyzer has, by far, the most ES metrics of any tool currently on the market. Some of the metrics were just published, and yet, here they are!



Improved Accuracy

Results of calculations are more accurate due to the use of improved formulas for ES metrics, more refined algorithms for capturing and processing data, and higher precision in display of values.

(If you want to assess accuracy of ES calculations, start with Schedule Adherence metrics. By theory, the value of Rework should exactly equal the value of Impeded/Constrained tasks. Achieving exact balance is difficult. But. you can see the results for yourself below.)



Error Detection and Correction

Bad data is the bane of program execution. We've done something about it. The Schedule Performance Analyzer© has extensive edit checks on incoming data. When errors are detected, the app corrects them so that processing can continue. 

Here's the report from a recent run.



Legacy Capabilities Are Still Here



Tables hold numerical details. The details are especially useful for analysis. So, Project Managers, Schedulers, and PMOs/Controllers tend to focus on them.



Graphs visually express key schedule performance metrics. Variances are easy to see and understand. They are especially useful for communication with stakeholders, both within and outside the project team.



Beyond performance efficiency of the overall schedule, the Schedule Performance Analyzer© assesses and categorizes the performance of individual tasks.  In accordance with Earned Schedule theory, tasks performed out-of-sequence are at risk. The Schedule Performance Analyzer© brings attention to such tasks and facilitates their remediation.


Parameter Settings

You control operation of the Schedule Performance Analyzer© by setting parameters. 


Behind the Scene

Edit Checks: The Analyzer confirms that required baseline data is available for its calculations.  If it detects that the baseline has not been set, it advises you to ensure that resources and rates are entered and the baseline is set.

Warning Messages: The Analyzer assesses the results of the analysis and displays appropriate messages.  For instance, if it detects a late finish, it notifies you that the end date needs to be adjusted.