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Schedule performance management with Earned Schedule

ProjectFlightDeck Teams

Admin: $19.97 (US, plus tax)/ month.
Associate: $5.97 (US, plus tax)/month

PojectFlightDeck Teams is a multi-user solution tailored to the needs of Programs, Departments, and Corporations. It is independent of scheduling and EVM tools. As a subscription service, it avoids software and hardware ownership hassles. And, it supports structured collaboration across individuals, projects, and portfolios. All the while offering ES metrics in reports or file exports. 


Meet needs beyond the individual. Service Programs, Departments, and Corporations. More... 




...from scheduling/EVM tools

In the past, if your scheduling/EVM tool did not support ES, you were on your own. No longer. Regardless of the tool, PFD Teams and Express give you Earned Schedule metrics. More...  




…avoid ownership hassles

Your application is available 24/7 securely hosted by Microsoft . You get online support, and it all comes without the burdens of ownership. More...  




...structured sharing

PFD Teams is designed for use across individuals, projects, and portfolios. It controls the privacy of subscription data at the same time that it encourages sharing within the subscription-space. More...  


ES Metrics


...the most commonly used measures

Includes the amount of schedule earned, the measure of schedule efficiency, and estimates based on that performance. More ...